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Senior Standout: Capital's Dontae Baker

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Capital's Dontae Baker isn't known for his quiet nature. As the leader of the Bruins cross country team, he definitely has the vocal leadership down.

"I'm a pretty hyper kid," admitted Baker. "You may not know it when I'm running because everyone is all serious all the time, but I'm pretty crazy talkative. I was voted most talkative at school."

"Dontae talks a lot," said fellow senior Thomas Gilboy. "All the time, and sometimes coach gets a little irritated with it!"

"Let's put it this way, Dontae keeps everything very light with us," said Bruins boys cross country head coach Ed Darfler. "Practices are fun! You never know what's coming!"

While Dontae may like to chat it up, he also knows when to take things serious, as he showed this past weekend taking second in the Montana state cross country tournament.

"I think it works really well with the team," said Gilboy. "It makes it so that we're not as stressed out about the races. It just makes for a better atmosphere with the team."

"He's one of those individuals that can come around maybe once in a coaching career," said Darfler. "It's been a lot of fun."

Fun is something Dontae is all about. And as he looks back at his career, his favorite moment in cross country, has nothing to do with running at all!

"I would say during summer running going and jumping in spring meadow when coach isn't necessarily watching," laughed Baker. "He's like 'Why are you guys a half an hour late?' And we're like 'It was raining over there!'"

While Dontae may never be a quiet leader, his ability to lead by example is what sets him apart. That and how much he talks.

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