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2014 Class AA All-State and All-Conference Teams

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2014 Class AA All-State and All-Conference Teams

Boys Player of the Year: Adam Mickleson (Sentinel)

AA Boys East

All State

Dan Enseleit (CMR)

Donovan Luce (West)

Ben Hietala (Bozeman)

Benjamin Wollant (Bozeman)

Ethan Brown (Senior)

Wes Currence (Senior)

Jole Lechman (CMR)

Connor Hutchinson (Senior)

Marcus Madrazo (Butte)

Nate Hense (Bozeman)

Mike Hemmah (CMR)

Ryan Van Pevanage (CMR)

All Conference

Dylan Lilyquist  (West)

John Leonard (Great Falls)

Ben Evans (CMR)

Riley McNeil (Bozeman)

Eric Ashmore (West)

Justin Dreessen  (Senior)

DC Chelgren (Skyview)

Harry Child (Bozeman)

Wes Robbins (Bozeman)

Travis Williams (Butte)

Blake Chase (Senior)

Karson White (Senior)

Honorable Mention

Kyle Lanhigster (Great Falls)

Eli Harris (Bozeman)

AA Boys West

All State

Peter Byrne (Hellgate)

Jon Taylor (Hellgate)

Peter Vandam (Hellgate)

Dylan Leadbetter (Sentinel)

Connor Whyte (Capital)

Ian Fitzgerald (Helena High)

Andriy Proctor (Helena High)

Ryan Saylor (Hellgate)

Colton Becker (Glacier)

Todd Thayler (Sentinel)

Adam Mickelson (Sentinel)

Dana Kowachek (Big Sky)

Colin Patterson (Capital)


Ryker McIntyre (Glacier)

Brody Kendall (Hellgate)

Sam Clarin (Flathead)

Jake Ackeret (Capital)

Graham Foster (Helena)

Victor Lamenza (Big Sky)

Andrew Moisey (Hellgate)

Griffen Line (Sentinel)

Sam McKay (Big Sky)

Kade Deleray (Glacier)

Brandon Purdy (Glacier)

Kaleb Frame (Flathead)

Payton Biegler (Helena)

AA Girls East

Conference Most Valuable Player: Averie Collins (Bozeman)

All State

Averie Collins (Bozeman)

Keely Lane     (Bozeman)

Jacey Delaney   (Bozeman)  

Eme McLaughlin (C.M. Russell)

Talya Vaira      (C.M. Russell)

Courteney Shovlin (C.M. Russell)

Caylin Cathey     (Billings Skyview)

Kayla Marker     (Billings West)

Madison Marlenee (Billings West)

Sarah Coghlan   (Billings Senior)

Taytum Widseth (Great Falls) 

All State Honorable Mention

Julia Kaiser       (Bozeman)

Peyton Netz       (C.M. Russell)

Paige Hatzenbihler (Billings Skyview)

Zoe Wolf         (Billings Senior)

All Conference Team

Sydney Rollison    (Bozeman)

Hannah McLean   (Bozeman)

Alexa Coyle      (Bozeman)

Devan Murfitt   (Bozeman)

Koriana Myers   (C.M. Russell)

Lindsay Martinez (C.M. Russell)

Kylie Greenwell    (C.M. Russell)

Rachel Quade    (Billings Skyview)

Ciara Abstetar   (Billings Skyview)

Delaney Clement  (Billings West)

Alexa Torbert    (Billings Senior)

Maria Michelloti    (Butte)

All Conference Honorable Mention

Shaylee Addington  (Billings West)

Emma Madsen  (Great Falls)

AA Girls West

Co-Players of the Year: 

Stephanie Wilson (Flathead) and Brittany Delridge (Missoula Sentinel)

All State:

Brittany Delridge (Missoula Sentinel)

Lexi Steele (Missoula Sentinel)

Stella Gardner (Missoula Hellgate)

Cassidy Pierce (Missoula Big Sky)

Ellen Bonner (Missoula Big Sky)

Kayla McCampbell (Missoula Big Sky)

Anna Maronick (Helena High)

Aine Lawlor (Helena High)

Nicole Sparks (Helena Capital)

Izzy Clinch (Helena Capital)

Kelsey Kerker (Helena Capital)

Stephanie Wilson (Flathead)

Amanda Buxton (Flathead)

Ally Staats (Glacier)

All Conference:

Libby Walker (Missoula Sentinel)

Syd Steele (Missoula Sentinel)

Beka Joy (Missoula Sentinel)

Jordan Pine (Missoula Sentinel)

Kate Johnston (Missoula Hellgate)

Ruby Kazemi (Missoula Hellgate)

Addy Scott (Missoula Hellgate)

Hannah Joki (Helena High)

Patricia Martin (Helena High)

Megan Bousliman (Helena Capital)

Jaymee Siler (Flathead)

Alexa May (Flathead)

Monica White (Flathead)

Zoe Zander (Flathead)

McKayle Dennehy (Glacier)

Maddi Paulson (Glacier)

Alysha Smith (Glacier)

Amy Braig (Glacier)

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