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Senior Standout: Evander Wilbur, Townsend

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Being a vocal leader is what Townsend's Evander Wilbur does best. Just not in his own voice.

"We call Evander the 'Preacher Man' because whenever he gets going he gets this weird accent in his voice," said Townsend junior wide receiver Quinn LeLacheur. "And he is all pumped up about it."

"I just call him 'Reverend Evander,'" said Townsend head coach Travis Rauh. "He does his thing with the whole team down in the end-zone when they start, and 'Preacher Man' is probably a pretty good nickname."

The Townsend lineman is the Bulldogs' emotional leader with his uplifting words. And at times, his uplifting notes.

"I like making people laugh," said Wilbur. "That's my favorite thing to do in class, is make people laugh. And making people laugh, I do that by singing a lot of times."

"He's not going to be up for any awards, I'll tell you that right now," joked LeLacheur. "He's passionate about it, and he sings Taylor Swift like I've never heard anybody sing it."

"I sing pop, I sing country, I sing crazy opera stuff," said Wilbur.

"My favorite one was the Toby Keith 'Made in America,'" said Rauh. "He gave Toby Keith a run for his money with that rendition."

Evander is one of two Wilburs on the Bulldogs football team. His brother and fellow senior Kenny Wilbur is the Bulldogs' top wide out, and Evander lets people know one big play at a time.

"There's not much in the world that I love more than playing football with my brother," said Wilbur. "And when he gets those big passes screaming 'That's my brother! That's my brother, everybody!'"

"In practice they're nowhere near each other," said LeLacheur. "But in games you can always tell there's a bond because if Kenny catches the ball Evander is ten yards behind him running and yelling about his brother."

Whether it's preaching, yelling, or singing, Evander Wilbur is definitely a senior stand out who's not afraid to give a senior shout out.

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