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Senior Standout: Jordan LaFontaine

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Jordan LaFontaine doesn't say much. At least with his mouth. But he does plenty of talking with his play on the field.

"He's just a rock. Any throw, he'll light the kid up. Earlier this year he had 3 interceptions in one game. he's just a good player for us. he's really athletic and gives us a lot of confidence knowing he's at safety back there for us," said senior QB Darren Malek.

Jordan has been the safety valve for the Rivals who boast plenty of talent on their roster. You don't win back to back titles without good players. But Jordan's versatility and natural ability is what makes him unique.

"He can play and has played 5 different positions in a game. I know when we were practicing I had him jumping around all over and he didn't know what I was doing and during the game we had him play every one of those spots. He's just multi-talented - he can punt the ball, kick the ball, he can catch the ball, he's got good speed," said Rod Tweet, Rivals head coach.

Jordan's a skilled player who gives credit to his coaches. Part of the reason he's so quiet is because he's always listening.

"Just being coachable and listening to your coach. I think that's one of the best things you can be as a high school athlete. Just be able to listen to your coach and take his advice - listen to it and run with it," said Jordan LaFontaine, Rivals senior.

Jordan has ran with it. And made the most of it. He reached the ultimate goal of a high school football player winning a state championship. And he did it twice in back to back seasons.

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