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Cats Moving Forward, Focused on Playoffs

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They say the true test of a team is how they respond when hit with adversity.

Last Saturday after a 34-7 loss to the Montana Grizzlies, the cats found themselves in a hole.

Now they're trying to dig themselves out this week by preparing for South Dakota State in the first round of the FCS playoffs.

"That game is in the past. We've all been saying that there is nothing we can do now about that game. We need to come out this week and we've got to go to work and do the same thing we've done each week. We all know that's not who we are. That game is in the past. What we're going to do is we're going to come out this week, work our butts off, get to work, and show this nation what we can do," sophomore JP Flynn.

The offense turned the ball over 7 times in their game against the Griz.

But the defense wasn't satisfied with their own performance either. So this week they'll be working on one thing.

"Defensively, we just need to make more plays. You know what i'm saying. we need to make more plays. Everything didn't go our way, obviously. The defense needs to do a lot better and that always starts by looking at yourself. You need to do a lot better and up your performance," senior Deonte Flowers.

Despite the tough loss the Bobcats are only looking forward. They have accomplished one of their team goals by making the playoffs and all eyes are on preparing for the Jackrabbits.

"We all woke up Sunday morning and that was it. Why dwell on the past when we are one of 24 teams that are still playing. There is 100 teams at home and we could be one of them, and we're not this year. We get the opportunity to keep playing. So I'm not living in the past," Senior Alex Singleton.

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