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Saints Women's Hoops Great Eight

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HELENA - One day I put a picture on of them at a football game and called them the "Great Eight" and it just stuck.

They say some of your best friendships are formed your freshman year of college. That seems to be the case with this year's Carroll Saints women's basketball freshmen.

"Right away we clicked," said Saints freshman center Cassidy Hashley. "We all got along, we all hung out together. I think it's just so great and just adds to that comforting feeling."

"It's awesome," said Saints red shirt freshman Mikaela Olson. "All the girls are great. It's fun to be around them. It'll be a fun four or five years!"

The transition from high school to college is difficult for any freshman. Throw in a full time basketball lifestyle, and things can get pretty hectic. Luckily for these girls, they have each other.

"Most of the freshman struggle with homesickness sometimes," said Olson. "And we're always there for each other to talk to each other and get them back in it."

"We know each other's flaws, and so we help each other be stronger," said red shirt freshman Sara Chalich. "We help with relationship problems or if someone is homesick because college is a big thing. We're just there for each other all the time."

But don't assume these girls are always down, and need helping out. The "Great Eight" is not only known for their bond, but also their pre game motivational tactics.

"So today is, what is it Olley?"

"Game day!"

"They're just our game day videos," said Saints head coach Rachelle Sayers. "They send them out to our team on game days. And it's just Sara and Olley have come up with this little game day routine that they do, and we're all just waiting for it every game day."

"It kind of reminded us that we're here to have fun," said Hashley. "And it's okay to laugh sometimes with it."

"We do that to have fun, and pump up the team a little before games," said "Coach posted that video and it was awesome."

The future is certainly bright for the Carroll College women's basketball team. And I'd venture to say pretty entertaining as well.
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