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Griz Football Thanksgiving

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MISSOULA - While the Grizzlies are excited to be in the FCS playoffs, it does mean many players aren't able to spend time with their families on Thanksgiving.
"We'd all like to go home, but it's awesome.  I think everyone would rather be playing in a playoff game,"

"I'll put it to you this way.  Playing on Thanksgiving is really cool.  It's great.  Playing around Christmas is even better, so if you're playing football during the holiday's it's a good thing,"
And each player and coach has their favorites on the food-filled holiday.  Some traditional…some not as much.
"My great grandma used to bake this German pie it's called Kuga, and it's the greatest thing ever.  So a lot of that, and a lot of turkey, we'll eat too much until we're miserable and enjoy each others company.  It's pretty low-key,"
"A lot of families are turkey and all that stuff.  I really like prime rib.  Any excuse that I can possibly make to have prime rib at the Gregorak household we do it,"
Many of the players will be treated to food by their family members, and the majority of the team are self described food lovers…but if the team was tasked to make a thanksgiving meal…who would they look to, to lead the charge?
"There's not a great cook on the team that I know of, but Tonga does love to eat, so I'd have to go with him with knowing what would be good,"
"I would immediately look at size. So Tonga Takai, he's got to have a little island flare,"
"Tonga's not a bad cook.  It'd be interesting to have Tonga cook because he'd have some of that island flavor.  There would be a cross contamination of flavors, so you'd have to pick smart.  I don't know if any of these guys can cook to be honest.  I feed myself barely, but I might pick Tonga to have something different.  Maybe Tonga and Coach Legi could cook us up something with some island flavor,"
"The Kidder household, I've got to believe is good, because Caleb is just such a massive human being.  I don't know if Caleb could cook at all, but I know Mrs. Kidder has got to put together something special,"
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