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Senior Standout: Henry Garrett

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The Helena Bengals enter this year in search of their first state title since 1991. Luckily for them, they have a guy in the middle that's used to hunting things down.

"I'm an outdoorsy guy," said Bengals 6'8" senior post Henry Garrett. "I like to fish and hunt."

An All State selection in both football and basketball, Garrett spends most of his off time fishing and hunting, but says he's just a product of his environment.

"Being from Montana is definitely a part of it," said Garrett. "A lot of times you don't have many options so you have to learn to like it."

"I know he lives way out in York," said Bengals senior guard Chase South. "So I think that's all he does. That's all you can do since there's no TV and no cell service. He's got to do something."

On the court or gridiron Garrett's size is a gift. Off of them, well let's just say being 6'8" isn't all it's cracked up to be.

"Even at school there's a couple door ways I have to duck through," said Garrett. "If I don't they definitely make me pay."

"I have a little Toyota so him fitting in my car is pretty funny," joked South. "Seeing his legs sprawled out, and he has to recline the seat."

But how did he get that big? Chase South has an idea.

"Every game he would eat probably two or three Baconators right before the game," said South. "And if he didn't eat them then he was kind of off his game."

All jokes aside, Garrett's positive attitude gravitates people to him. It's something his coach has noticed in his four years at Helena.

"We do a Bengal days camp here, and there's 80 or 90 little kids running around," said Bengals head coach John Hollow. "You see some kids out here that are a foot tall and they just flock to him because he's the big guy that everybody loves and looks forward to seeing."

"He'll help you out with anything you need," said South. "And he'll be there for you if you need somebody to talk to. Yeah, he's a real good guy."

For now Garrett's goal is simple, lead the Bengals to a state championship. From there he's considering scholarships for both football and basketball.

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