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Bruins Players Remember Playing Under Pat Murphy

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HELENA - For the past 11 years Capital football has been a model of consistency. Under Pat Murphy the Bruins won 73% of their games, along with four state titles. But after the Bruins 1-9 season this year, players weren't surprised to see him hang up the whistle.

"A few games left coach McCarvel took over the play calling," said Bruins quarterback Gus Chancy. "Kind of then I knew. He's been doing this a long time and he's had a lot of success, and this might be the last year."

Murphy will go down as one of the most beloved coaches in Capital history not because of his winning record or titles, but for his uplifting attitude.

"He made practice fun, but he was still serious," said Bruins wide receiver Sean Mulcahy. "You couldn't ask for a better coach."

"You were just as valuable whether you were a starter, or if you were on the bench," said Chancy. "And he didn't take one person for granted."

"He's amazing," said former Bruin and current Griz Lineman Caleb Kidder. "He's a great guy, a great soul. I also attribute a lot of my success to him also."

Now it's up the Capital to do the impossible again, hire another coach who can lead them to state championships, but Murphy has already laid the foundation for the next hire to be as successful as he was.

"One thing coach Murphy taught us was to be great leaders and men on and off the field," said Chancy. "And I think if that tradition and idea can remain in the program then the next head coach will be just fine."

"I think it's going to be a fun time," said Bruins junior receiver Will Hunthausen. "Just to get used to a difference person, since I've had coach Murphy for the past three years."

The impact of coach Pat Murphy can't be measured in wins alone. His players, past and present, have all come to one conclusion to sum up his 30 year career: they are better people for playing under Pat Murphy.
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