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Belt's Robert Back Still in Coma, Continues to Fight

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Robert Back is fighting for his life. Each and every day. But with each day, he's getting better.

"He's literally beaten the odds several times. He's making small improvements it seems like every day. It seems like the hospital he's in down there is the best place for him to be. He's breathing a hundred percent on his own and has been for a long time. He is more alert now and tracking with his eyes, he doesn't have a trach in. He's making small steps forward," said Robert Back Sr.

Despite various rumors about his current state, Robert is still in a coma. But he continues to impress doctors with his progression.

"He is technically still in a coma. There are so many different stages to a coma that it's not even funny. He is alert. He does know what's going on around him. He's even said a few words before he's had has trach out and even after he said a few words. From what the doctor had said he's been able to do stuff that they didn't think because of some of the tests and stuff that they give him and the MRI's and stuff that he'd be able to do but he is doing it," said Back Sr.

Robert has defied many odds during his recovery. But unfortunately will miss playing his favorite sport this season - basketball.

"Basketball to him was definitely his favorite sport and probably still is," said Back Sr.

"He loved playing basketball. He played so good this summer. We all know his step back fadeaway that he would air ball was the funniest thing ever but he was a really good player," said Belt senior guard Parker McCafferty.

"His loss is impactful to these guys but it's also motivating to them also. I think it's a factor to what they want to do this season. It's part of their motivation of being successful this year to try to do anything they can to honor Robert," said Huskies head coach, Kyle Paulson.

The hope is that Robert plays basketball again but there's more to life than sports. And his family realizes that.

"I think that God has bigger plans for the kid so that's why he's still around. It's a long time of healing but he 's going in the right direction so what can you say about that? You take what you can get and we'll take that. It's better than going backwards," said Back Sr.

The fight in Robert means he's moving forward. Trying to progress bit by bit every day. Which helps everyone who knows him appreciate every day they have, even that much more.

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