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Senior Standout: Havre's Mazurkiewicz Twins

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The only thing better than celebrating a state title with teammates, could be winning one with someone you've known since birth.

That's exactly what Morgan and Tori Mazurkiewicz did last year, helping the Blue Ponies win their first championship in 16 years.

"It was everything we ever dreamed of," says Senior Tori Mazurkiewicz. "We always talked about winning a state championship and we did it. And it was everything we ever dreamed of."

They may be identical twins, but their play styles couldn't be more different. Morgan was a starter last year and is more of a ball-handler, while Tori came off the bench but her physical nature gives her the ability to guard larger opponents. It's a welcome addition to the team that head coach Dustin Kraske has enjoyed.

"Two hard-nosed kids on the same team? It's a fantastic problem to have," says Kraske. "Morgan and Tori have been a big part of our program since their freshman year. Fantastic kids. What's it like to coach them? It's a privilege to coach them. They're great kids, as all of our kids are. But to have two twins is pretty special.?

The two share a special bond but make no mistake. There is no loss of sibling rivalry between them.

"Yeah, you definitely want to be the winner because you'll definitely hear about it," says Morgan Mazurkiewicz.

And when asked who would win in a game of 1-on-1.....

"Depends on who's shooting good that night," says Tori. "I've won sometimes."

But when they play together they have a chemistry like none other.

"You know more about them than anybody else I guess,' says Morgan. "You know where they are, I mean we've been playing together since we were in Kindergarten. So we know a lot about each other."

The twins were around a year old the last time Havre won a state title. And now they're hoping to inspire the future generation of Blue Ponies as they aim for the first repeat in school history.

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