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Bighorns' Mohar Takes Father's Lessons to Hometown Team

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HELENA - For Matt Mohar hockey is life. He's practically lived on ice since he was five years old.

"It all started out with a rink in the back yard from a garden hose," said Matt. "I just started to really like it."

Matt's interest in hockey stems from his father, Brian Mohar, who grew up in northern Minnesota playing the sport before moving Matt and the rest of the Mohars to Helena, where he then became his sons coach and idol.

"He always inspired me to work hard, and try to do the best," said Matt. "I just always wanted to be like him I guess."

"He's a player that all the way through youth hockey he has always gone out there and given 110%," said Brian. "And I just tell him to go out there and have fun."

As Brian taught Matt the fundamentals it was tough for the two of them to attend Bighorns games because they most of their games were at the same time. But the ones they attended as spectators together created a life long mission for Matt.

"I loved to come to the Bighorns games and watch them," said Matt. "I always wanted to play for them someday. I turned 18, and started playing. I'm in my third year now and I couldn't be more happy."

"It's nice to tell all the friends and people that Matt's playing tonight," said Brian. "That really gives you a good feeling that you can watch your son out there playing, and he's playing a lot, and he's contributing to the team, and he's doing really good."

Matt's 13 goals so far this season tie him for the team lead, but even in games that he doesn't score... he always has his number one fan in the stands.

"It's crazy to think that I was in the stands watching one day, and now I'm out there," said Matt. "Him looking out there at me on the ice just thinking 'That's my kid out there.' I feel like he's proud."

And just happy he's able to watch his son on the ice... like he has for so many years now.>
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