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Former Griz Kareem Jamar Still Chasing NBA Dream

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GREAT FALLS - Kareem Jamar had his way at Montana. His collegiate resume speaks for itself. But professional basketball is different, and after a 3 month stint overseas in Greece, Jamar is finding that out first hand.

"I got there and it didn't work out. They wanted to play a game that I wasn't really used to. They wanted me to be a spot up shooter but as anybody who knows me know I kind of do a little more than spot up shooting," said former Griz basketball player Kareem Jamar.

He sure does. Jamar ranks 4th all time in scoring at Montana and posted career numbers of 13 points per game, 5 rebounds and 3 assists, but says that the college game is a lot different from overseas.

"It's a total different world. I think the game is just way more fundamental. It's way more fundamental, way more technical and everything is strategy. I think here we're so athletic that we get away from fundamental things so i think that's the biggest aspect," said Jamar.

While Jamar is still looking grasp the style of overseas basketball his goal still remains to play in the states - in the NBA.

"The goal is obviously to make the NBA but I think I'm going to go overseas but I'm going to see. It's up to my agent. I got to talk to him so if teams are not biting by January then I have to do a  league. I have to do D-League because I can't be sitting around and not doing anything," said Jamar.

 So he's spending his time… working out… wherever he might be. Whether it's Great Falls… or back home in LA… he's working on his game… waiting for his next opportunity.

"Just trying to stay in shape. A lot of ball handling and pick and rolls. At the pro level it's a lot of pick and rolls - way more than college. I mean we ran a lot at Montana but now it's more physical so a lot of pick and rolls and trying to stay in shape," said Jamar.

Jamar developed his game at Montana. So much so… he's gone down in the record books as one of the best ever. He now knows he has to develop his game again… if he wants a chance to prove he belongs in the pros.
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