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Senior Standout: Jared Dickson, Kessler Leonard Rivalry

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"When we go out on the mat it's go time," said GFHS senior Kessler Leonard."It's like the main match I look forward to every tournament," said CMR senior Jared Dickson.

They've met nine times. Jared Dickson of CMR has won five. Kessler Leonard of Great Falls High has won four. And every time they've faced off, it's been a must watch match.

"They're both great competitors. Those are great matches to watch and I think they do the sport a lot of justice when they wrestle," said Steve Komac, GFHS head wrestling coach.

"It's a match that I think all fans want to see. I mean if every wrestling match was like that, wrestling certainly wouldn't struggle for fans," said Aaron Jensen, CMR head wrestling coach.

Every match between Dickson and Leonard is entertaining for those watching but for the two wrestlers its a battle to the end.

"Every time they're just long. It seems like time slows down it it just lasts forever," said Dickson.

"A few of them have went into overtime and the rest are within a point so it intensifies it and makes it more fun," said Leonard.

The Dickson-Leonard rivalry is filled with talent and competitiveness but it's their sportsmanship and respect for one another that makes it that much more special.

"No matter who wins or who loses, both shake hands and that's that. Neither one of them get too high or too low on themselves and i think that they both wrestle the way the sport is meant to be wrestled," said Jensen.

While Dickson leads overall 5-4, it's Leonard who has the state title, after beating Dickson last year in the 152 state championship. And this year, both wrestling at 160, want nothing more than to meet again.

If all goes to plan for Dickson, Leonard and fans of the sport, the final meeting of their respective careers will be against each other, in Billings, for the 160 state championship.

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