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Senior Standout: Jefferson's Rickelle Powers

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Being a vocal leader has never been an issue for Jefferson's Rickelle Powers. She's the third leading scorer in all of District 5B girls basketball, and leads the Lady Panthers in points, three pointers, and giving tough advice.

"Sometimes she rubs people wrong because she is telling people what needs to be done, and ruffles feathers," said Lady Panthers head coach Mike Charlton. "But like I told her you've got to expect that."

Powers has been the starting point guard for Jefferson the past two seasons, but has moved to the wing for her senior year so she can score more. But giving up her leading role as point guard was a tough move for her.

"I was really reluctant to it," said Powers. "But I was like 'Alright coach, we'll se how it works!' And it's been working out pretty good! The girls are really good about me being like 'Hey maybe we should try this.'"

"She's picked up the role perfectly," said Lady Panthers senior forward Janessa Williams. "You couldn't tell the difference because she easily picks up whatever's thrown at her."

Powers leadership doesn't only pertain to her teammates, though. In Coach Charlton's second year in charge of the program, she's helps make sure his message gets though to others properly.

"His hearing is kind of impared," said Powers. "And we have to warn the refs before every game that 'Hey he's not yelling at you, he's yelling to you!'"

"I remember one game we were in and I was telling them something, and Ricky says 'Shh!'" said Charlton. "I kept talking and she says 'Shh!' And I said 'Does everybody got it?' And she says 'Yeah, along with everybody in the gym."

Rickelle Powers' passion for the game of basketball is clear by her attitude as well as her play. After graduation, she'll attend Montana State and major in English. And while she won't be playing basketball, she still hopes to coach it to help spread her

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