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Choteau's #1 Fan is Easy to Root For

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"I would have to say me, all the time," said Meade McCormick.

But… he doesn't need to say it, because everybody already knows. Meade McCormick is the Choteau Bulldog's biggest fan.

"He's a huge football fan, a huge volleyball fan, a huge basketball fan. He comes to every practice and likes to give his input. I think I've been fired a couple times by Meade but he's a great kid," said John Shepherd, Bulldogs girls head basketball coach.

Who doesn't let wins or losses get him down. Because everyday Meade deals with something much bigger than sports… Down Syndrome, a genetic disorder that is found early in life. But that hasn't stopped him from impacting other people's lives, especially his favorite team  - Choteau girls basketball.

"He's always cheering us on. He always comes to talk to us during class saying we got to win tonight we got to everything we can, I believe in you girls," said Darby Yeager, Bulldogs Sr. Guard.

"He's always there, always supporting people. He's a great guy to have around,” said Bulldogs Sr. Forward Celie Salmond.

When they say ‘always'… they really mean it. No matter the game… or the distance, Meade is there.

"He has two or three different people that go regularly to out of town games and they always invite him to go along which he always goes. That's really been great. The community support for him and the kindness and likability of him," said Jeanette McCormick, Mead's mother.

Meade's love for Choteau is immeasurable, but is perhaps best understood through his famous speeches he sometimes gives the team… including this one after last season…

"You all have had a good season. It made me want to cry. I think you've done well. I think you've all played hard. There is no team better than you. There is no one better than you," said McCormick.

And for Meade, there's nothing better than being a Bulldog.

"To me being a Bulldog is all about working hard and practicing hard, doing what people say and following their instructions," said McCormick.

The Bulldog in Meade has never let Down Syndrome win… and while he's rooting for Choteau… we are all rooting him.

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