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MSU "Kashes" in with Bearcat's Perry

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He's 6 foot 7 and 290 pounds. He was meant to play football, right? Well, hard to believe but for big Kash Perry his senior year of high school was also his first year playing football

"It's great for Kash because he didn't play football until his senior year. He battled a lot of injuries with those knees - he grew so fast. So it's exciting to see him play 11-man football where he has some protection on each side and he can use that big frame of his more efficiently than we could in 6-man," said Bearcats head coach Scott Sparks.

From 6-man to 11-man. From a class of 14 kids to a school with just over 15 thousand. Perry's situation is rare but he's hoping to change that perception.

"Yeah, just would like to open the eyes up that class C isn't a joke like a lot of people like to think it is," said Kash Perry.

Well what isn't a joke is the Cats offer. Perry will redshirt as a freshman at Montana State and have a partial scholarship that pays for his books and mechanical engineering school materials.

"Coach McEndoo sent me a letter halfway through the season and I replied to that and then I met with Coach Cramsey a bunch and then two weeks ago I went for my official visit and it went really well. My redshirt year I just want to grow and get a lot bigger and lot faster and hopefully start by my redshirt freshman year," said Perry.

Perry still has a lot to learn about the game. I mean he's only played one year and it wasn't even 11-man football. But his coach believes in him and thinks he'll do just fine.

"You know he's a great kid. He's smart - he's going to pick up on stuff quick and I think that's real important, especially adapting to the 11-man game and the various blocking schemes the Cats will use for him. But the big thing I think for him is that size and the work ethic to go with it as far as his ability to get in the weight room and things of that nature. I think if he wants it bad enough he's going to do well. I think he has the work ethic and the smarts to do it," said Sparks.

Perry has a golden ticket, size. And in football, big players get opportunities to play. And that's something Perry will look to cash in.

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