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Senior Standout: Helena High's Jenna Starke

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Off the court no one would say Jenna Starke is a very vocal person. On the court though, she's quite the chatterbox.

"I've usually been more of a lead by example kind of type," said Starke. "But this year, I think mostly with volleyball is when it started, somebody needed to step up and be a vocal leader. So I kind of took on that role."

"She likes to make everybody talk," said Lady Bengals senior guard Alyssa Ferguson. "We're communicating constantly, which really helps us know where our most important players are. Without her we don't know where people are.

Jenna is the leading scorer for the Lady Bengals with a big chunk of her scoring coming at the free throw line late in games. She actually leads the state in free throw attempts, and her teammates know when it's the fourth quarter get it to Jenna.

"I never really told the team that, I just kind of took up that spot I guess," said Starke. "My free throw percentages recently have been good so it's kind of just get it to me because I have the best percentages."

"It's her mentality that she wants to win," said Lady Bengals head coach Eric Peterson. "And it's her mentality that she'll do whatever it takes to win. And right now it's just her being aggressive, wanting to make something happen on the offensive end."

Being aggressive late in games usually comes with a pretty serious demeanor. But Jenna prefers to let herself and her teammates know it's okay to smile too.

"I try to get people to smile more," said Starke. "Because I think people are so serious in basketball so I try to get them to smile. Like 'you just made a point!' And they're like 'oh yeah.' People just get in their heads I guess."

"She is like 'you've just got to relax,'" said Ferguson. "Especially during tough, big situations. You've just got to relax and play basketball."

Basketball won't be Jenna's final sport of her high school career. She plays volleyball in the fall, basketball in the winter, and tennis in the spring. Following

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