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Saints and Argos Guards Share Childhood Bond

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HELENA - Carroll Saints point guard Katie Estey and UGF Lady Argos point guard Erin Legel have been NAIA rivals for the past three years. It's been a bit of a change for the two of them, given that they spent the previous seven years as teammates!

"We grew up playing basketball together," said Estey. "She was from Idaho, and I was from Spokane, and we ended up being on the same AAU team growing up."

"My dad was just like 'Well they're putting a team together,'" said Legel. "So I jumped on that, and my dad became my assistant coach and Katie's dad became my head coach!"

The trip from Central Valley High School in Spokane, Washington to Coeur d'Alene High School in Idaho is about a 24 mile drive on Interstate 90. Now a days the two are a little further a apart. And the best part of their new rivalry is that neither of them knew they were actually extending it when they signed.

"I signed at the very beginning of the season, and then my dad told me," said Legel. "And I was like 'Oh, so we're going to be playing against each other again?' He was like 'Yup!'"

"I was just talking to her one day and I was like 'Wait a second, what are you doing?' and she said 'I'm going to Great Falls.' I was like 'Oh I think you might be in our conference!'"

They both did indeed end up in the Frontier Conference, meaning Katie and Erin see each other twice a year on the hardwood. And even in college their relationship has stayed strong.

"I'll go up to her and I'm like 'Oh, we're going to whoop your butt today!'" joked Estey. "But we know we're joking. We know we're competitors. At the end of the day we're best friends that grew up together, and we respect each other's games."

"Sometimes it's challenging because you know all their past and previous tendencies," said Legel. "So sometimes you'll expect them to do something, and they'll do something different because we grow as players as we get older."

Both Katie and Erin have grown as players and people during their time in the Frontier Conference. The distance between them may have grown, but the bond is still strong.
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