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CMR Soccer Star Seeks State Powerlifting Repeat

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On the soccer field CMR's Eme McLaughlin has already checked a lot of goals off her list.

Most Goals Scored in the State (tied with Bozeman's Averie Collins): Check

Win a State Soccer Title: Check

Become a collegiate athlete: Check

As a Junior she was named a finalist for the Montana Gatorade Soccer Player of the Year Award. Winning it is something she wants to check off her list next year."

“It would mean a lot," says CMR Junior Eme McLaughlin. "I like being on top. I don't like losing at all. I like being looked at as a winner I guess. A champion.”

McLaughlin would also like to help the Rustlers win a second straight state title in soccer. But there's another ‘back-to-back title that's she's chasing this year at the Montana State Powerlifting Championships. It's a second sport that a lot of people don't expect to see this 5'7” soccer forward participate in.

“When people find out I do powerlifting, they're like 'what you don't weigh anything. You're so skinny!'" says McLaughlin. "All that stuff, they don't expect it at all. But I surprise them I guess.”

Last year was the first time that Eme competed in the state powerlifting championships. She entered at 121 pounds and won the featherweight division.

“It was exciting," says McLaughlin. "I went into it, I was really motivated to win. I don't like losing. But I surprised myself. I didn't know I was going to come out on top but I did. It was exciting.”

This year she checks in at 130. Her max on deadlifts is 230. She can bench 105 and squat 165.

“I didn't think I could lift like other girls lifted," says McLaughlin. "It's just that whole eating healthy, Preparing yourself and just staying motivated. It makes me a lot stronger, especially for Soccer. I just love the feeling it gives me. I just love lifting.”

And while Soccer is about speed and skill, success in Powerlifting requires a different approach.

“It's a big mind set thing. It's all mental," says McLaughlin “Soccer I'm just like Bam bam bam, ready to go. I just get excited and nervous. But for lifting I'm so calm, it's so opposite from each other.”

The preparation and performance of the two sports might be different, but the feeling of winning in each is still the same. And a second straight title in powerlifting is just another item that Eme would be glad to check of her list.

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