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Senior Standout: Capital's McKenzie Johnston

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Capital's McKenzie Johnston is a rare leader in high school sports. Her per game averages put her at fourth in scoring in Class AA and tie her for first in assists. And it's that ability to balance scoring and passing that makes her elite.

"It feels really good hitting the shot, but honestly I get more adrenaline out of getting the defense on me and making a wide open pass to someone else," said Johnston.

"Kenzie can just go on a play and react to the defense, and react to what's going on, and make a play based on what's going on. And that's what all the great players can do," said Bruins head coach Bill Pilgeram.

McKenzie has always been known for her scoring ability, but her passes have been highlight material this season. And sometimes even her teammates can be surprised.

"She passed it into Mary, and it was so fast it just bounced straight off Mary's hands and went out of bounds," said Bruins junior forward Tjaden Pallister. "It was so fast it happened within a second."

"Sometimes she'll try to do the behind the back," said Bruins senior guard Rayna Pilgeram. "And I've now learned to expect it. It's actually a nice pass to get by people."

"I just told them to keep their hands up and I'll get them the ball," said Johnston. "And they've gotten way better at it. And I think as state comes around we'll just keep getting better at that."

Next year McKenzie will take her flashy passes to Missoula to play for the Lady Griz. And with better talent around her, the sky really is the limit.

"I just see her when she goes there, when she starts playing with better people, she's just going to keep raising her game," said coach Pilgeram.

"I think I'll fit in with the way that they play," said Johnston. "It'll be nice to have other players that have the same mentality as I do."

But before she suits up in maroon and silver, Johnston will head to state this weekend in brown and gold to see if she can add state champion to her already impressive resume.

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