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Senior Standout: Malta's Darby Schye

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Darby Schye has one of the greatest honors any athlete could ever have. She's a champion.

"I'm just so pleased and couldn't be happier. This year has turned out to a dream and that's what it's been - an amazing dream," said Malta Sr. Darby Schye.

It's been a dream that has finally been fulfilled after some years of disappointment. But Darby never gave up and now ends her high school basketball career on top.

"I think she's started for the M'ettes for 3 years now. She just knows the game, she knows the routine, she knows how to play defense and offense and she's just s mat kid that does a lot of things well," said M'ettes head coach Nate Hammond.

Darby was one of the lone seniors on the M'ettes this year and while the team looked to her for keeping everyone in line, she also has a lighter side and a sense of humor.

"She's funny. She likes to joke around a lot. She has a great personality and she's just a greta kid. we're definitely going to miss her next year," said Hammond.

When Darby moves on to college. Her career is over as an M'ette but she's going to play for Montana Western.

"I'm so pumped. it's going to be so much fun. I know like Molly Klinker there and some of those girls so they're really great people and it's really exciting and it's going to be great, I think," said Schye.

Not many people get the opportunity to play college basketball. And not many do so after going undefeated and winning a state championship. But Darby Schye has and being a champion will always be on her resume.

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