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Senior Standout: Simms' Hollee Meek

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You'd think winning a state championship would complete your career. And if not one, then two would do it for sure. But Hollee Meek is going for three and it's her drive that ultimately sets her apart from everyone else.

"She's one of our best student athletes here. She's the type of kid that last year after she won state she was actually kind of disappointed. She wanted to throw a little further than she did so she made a game plan of lifting and working hard so we'll see where she goes this year," said Jordan Hollern, Simms track and field coach.

Well Hollee is going to be a lot of places. Getting to state is obviously one of the destinations but because she's so involved outside of sports, she has some other upcoming travel plans.

"I'm involved in a lot of extra circular activities, I guess. Student council, BPA - I'm going to Anaheim in a few weeks. I'm going on a foreign language trip this summer. We're going to Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii and it's an EF tour so it's an educational tour and I've been raising money for the last four years," said Simms senior Hollee Meek.

And on top of raising money throughout her high school career, she's obviously excelled as an athlete.

"I think Hollee is one of the best representatives not only as an athlete but as a student-athlete. She has the potential to be a division 1 athlete she just needs to work hard and get a little bit better and if she has a goal she can reach it," said coach Hollern.

Which she has proven before. The hope is for Hollee to win another state championship and continue her track and field career in college. But even when she leaves, Simms will always be her home.

"I've gone here since I was in kindergarten. Grown up here - love this community. I've had a lot of fun in my high school career and a lot of fun playing sports," said Meek.

And she did it better than most. Not everyone can say they're a state champion but Hollee can say it twice. And given her track record, she's on pace to be able to say it three times.>

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