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Legislators and Governor's Office Play Hoops for Big Brothers Big Sisters

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Since the beginning of legislation, the House, Senate, as well as the Governor's office have all been raising money for their Big Brothers Big Sisters basketball game. And while the money is generated to help the kids, it's mostly raised for bribes.

"We raised way more money than the governors office did, so we have lots of money to bribe the refs with," said representative Zach Brown.

That's right, tonight in their friendly competition between the legislators and the Governor's office, all money goes to Big Brothers Big Sisters, but not before it's used to bribe officials such as Montana Attorney General Tim Fox.

"If you cause a foul tonight you've got to give $5 to Big Brothers Big Sisters," said Fox. "If you cause a foul and don't want me to call it, you've got to give them $20."

"This is your opportunity," said Big Brothers Big Sisters director Peter Strauss. "If you want to buy a ref, buy a ref. If you want to see a three point lay up, buy a three point lay up. If you want to see somebody get a foul because they're too tall, or too good looking, you can do it tonight."

And the fouls were called. The legislators were spotted a 23 point lead thanks to a $100 donation in pre game, and that wasn't all.

"Maloy touches the ball and gets called for traveling,"

"Maloy for traveling for the next 20 seconds."

And each dollar that passed hands, ended up in Big Brothers Big Sisters pocket.

"We look to get between $7000-$8000 out of this night," said Strauss.

But outside of the money, it's an opportunity for those in legislature to show that they care.

"It gives all the legislators a chance to be generous," said Brown. "Organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters are making our communities stronger."

And all that money made a huge difference, as the legislators won by over 400 points.

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