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District 9-C Senior Classic Results

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9C-Senior Classic Basketball Game | Hosted by North Star Schools in Rudyard | April 1, 2015

Girls Game

DARK 57 - WHITE 55 - Katelyn Niebauer posted a double-double to help the dark team hold on for a 2 point win.

WHITE TEAM – Coached by Mollie Rose (Chinook) – Tylynn Rettig (North Star) 9pts 12 reb 7ast | Abby Gregory (Big Sandy) 12pts 5reb | Hannah Webber (Chinook) 12pts 7reb 3ast | Alicia Wolf Chief (Box Elder) 11pts 3stl | Misty Baker (Box Elder) 6pts 8reb | Krista Chief Stick (Box Elder) 5pts 5reb

DARK TEAM – Coached by Cassie Scheffelmaier (Geraldine-Ft. Benton) – Katelyn Niebauer (Chinook) 24pts 14reb 2blk | Alissa Borlaug (North Star) 10pts 13reb 4stl | Leilani Gardipee (Box Elder) 11pts 5reb | Mackenzie Hansen (North Star) 9pts 5reb | Kristina Conlan (Turner) 3pts 3ast

GIRLS MVP – Katelyn Niebauer (Chinook) & Tylynn Rettig (North Star)

SPORTSMANSHIP WINNERS – Krista Chief Stick (Box Elder) & Mackenzie Hansen (North Star)

THREE POINT CONTEST WINNER – Katelyn Niebauer (Chinook) 26 three pointers made


Boys Game

DARK 86 – WHITE 84 OT - Dark won in sudden death overtime on a drive and dish from Quinn Baker to Lucas Reed.

WHITE TEAM – Coached by Mike Seymour (Chinook) – Sterling White Cow (Hays-Lodgepole) 20pts 4ast 2stl | Lane Seymour (Chinook) 19pts 3ast 5reb | Kyle Strutz (Big Sandy) 18pts 4reb 2ast | Toren Andreason (Geraldine-Ft. Benton) 10pts 10reb | Darnell Parisian (Hays-Lodgepole) 10pts 7reb 3stl | Tanner Ramberg (Chinook) 2pts 2reb | Tristan Billmayer (Turner) 5pts | Chris Lavery (North Star) 1reb 1ast

DARK TEAM – Coached by Jeremy MacDonald (Box Elder) – Clayton Morsette Jr (Box Elder) 39pts 16reb 4stl 3blk | Cody McCracken (Chinook) 22pts 8reb 4ast | Quinn Baker (Box Elder) 9pts 5 ast | Lucas Reed (Turner) 12pts 4reb | Brandon Theel (C-J-I Hi-Line) 2pts 6reb | Geno Menard (Box Elder) 2 pts 4reb | Zach Schellin (Chinook) 2reb 1stl | Thatcher Smith (North Star) 1reb

BOYS MVPS – Clayton Morsette Jr (Box Elder) & Sterling White Cow (Hays-Lodgepole)

SPORTSMANSHIP WINNERS – Toren Andreason (Geraldine-Ft. Benton) & Thatcher Smith (North Star)

THREE POINT CONTEST WINNER – Lane Seymour (Chinook) 38 three pointers made

THREE POINT CONTEST RUNNER-UP – Sterling White Cow (Hays-Lodgepole)

SHOOTING STARS CHAMPIONS – Clayton Morsette Jr (Box Elder) | Alicia Wolf Chief (Box Elder) | Geno Menard (Big Sandy) – Morsette made three shots from 28 feet to win the contest for his team RUNNER-UPS – Leilani Gardipee (Box Elder) | Cody McCracken (Chinook) | Kyle Strutz (Big Sandy)

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