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Carroll Softball Coaches Share Unique Brother-Sister Bond

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"The moment he got the job he called me and asked me to be his assistant coach. And when that happened we were both in tears."

Aaron and Sarah Jackson are a rarity in sports being a brother-sister coaching combo. And it's a dream come true. 

"It's always been a dream of ours to coach together in the same program," said Aaron. "To have the opportunity to do it in our home town is that much more special."

"We bring two different approaches to the game of softball," said Sarah. "And I think that helps us. We're not the two same people, we keep each other accountable, and loyal to each other."

And like any brother and sister, they can also drive each other crazy. 

"When we're driving he irritates me," said Sarah. "I'm a slow driver, he's a fast driver. So we kind of give each other crap for that."

"At times the brother-sister relationship comes out, and that's all part of our program," said Aaron. "We want to be real."

But sometimes people don't always quite understand how they're related.

"We're on the road and people see that they both have the same last name they'll ask if they're married and if they're coaching together married," said Saints freshman third baseman Kaydee Parsons.

"It's extremely awkward," said Sarah. "Sometimes we bring girls on campus and it's fun to play a game. We tell them what our name is and let them think all day if we're brother and sister, if we're husband and wife, and at the end of the day we tell them."

"We've heard everything from brother-sister to married couple to aunt-uncle, mom-dad," said Aaron. "We think we've heard every option in the book."

However people see it, their pairing seems to be effective as Aaron and Sarah have thrived in their first year coaching together.

"Winning with my brother is something very special," said Sarah. "Words can't even describe that. The tears in our eyes after our first win is pretty special, and every win."

"It's good to be able to go home and go to dinner, and have people that will be real with you," said Aaron. "That's one thing that's great about having family."

Between the tears, the arguments, and the celebrations this season, it's safe to say that Aaron and Sarah's coaching relationship is unusual, but it's something they wouldn't trade for anything.

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