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Crosstown Rumble Results

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 Crosstown Rumble Results

Brandon Albert (GFH) def. Sam O'Neil (CMR) by unanimous decision
Issac Dawson (CMR) def. Chase Short (GFH) by unanimous decision
Jordan Wanner (CMR) def. Jame Lynch (GFH) after Referee Stops Contest
Shane O'Dell (GFH) Thomas Markey (CMR) by TKO
Tyler Myers (GFH) def. Jordan Johnson (CMR) after Referee Stops Contest
Jacob O'Dell (GFH) def. Austin Christianson (CMR) by unanimous decision
Tommy McMillan (GFH) def. Chase Tay (CMR) by TKO
Trevor Pepin (CMR) def. Jacob Andersch by unanimous decision
Eddi Fernandez (CMR/Belt) def. JD Pearson (GFH) by TKO
Randy Keesler (GFH) def. Hunter Schraner (CMR) by TKO

Great Falls High defeats CMR 7-4

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