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Bison High Flyer: Matt Wyman is Dazzling Dunker

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"It was always just kind of a goal. And once I got it, I just liked it and I just kept doing it and cooler stuff I guess."

There's nothing that gets the crowd more excited than a Matt Wyman throw-down. The ability to dunk in a game is something he's wanted to do since he was a little kid coming to open gyms.

Wyman: I was playing on the driveway and just wanted to dunk---Putting it on 9 feet then 9 and a half. And then 10. Then trying with a tennis ball. Then a dodge ball and a basketball.---

Wyman has reached new heights since his Tennis ball days. He's leaves his high school career behind as the two-time defending Hi-Line Tournament Slam Dunk champion.

I didn't really have any plans going in. I was just like 'hey, what should I do?' It was really fun playing against those College guys too. They do the dunk contest. They're pretty good. They were throwing down crazy stuff. Just going up against those guys and having a fun with your friends up in Havre is just a good time.

And Wyman shared the secret on how he got his "ups."

"do some calf raises. Freshman year, all I did in weight training was Calf raises---And I remember just trying to dunk it over and over and I never could. So I just kept doing my calf raises.

The calf exercises have raised his vertical *and* his game. Next year he'll be playing for the Carroll Saints...where he hopes to improve on more than just his dunking ability.

"I'm just going to work on getting stronger. Getting better at shooting and I think that comes with everything else. I never worked on it to do it in a game. It just kind of came with the game and it was fun for me"

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