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MSUN Football to Run No Huddle Offense

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The Lights never had a problem with moving the ball up the field.

In the past two years they've ranked around the top 10 in total offensive yards. Completing the drive was a different story (ranked 49th in total scoring in 2014), but new head coach Aaron Christensen is hoping to change that when he implements the no huddle offense.

"I think we're fine as far as picking it up," says Christensen. "No huddle offense is just one the way things go. You see it all around College Football. Our guys are excited to do it. At first it's a little bit of a change for them, but once you start doing it all the time, I think it's really easy for the guys to pick up."

It wouldn't be the first time that we see the no huddle in the Frontier Conference. Southern Oregon used that type of offense with tremendous success last year en route to winning the national title. They even took down Carroll who was the best defensive team in the league.

"The reason for a no huddle is to try and keep moving. Try and keep the defense off guard," says Lights Running Back Zach McKinley. "And that's going to be the hardest thing to pick up. Which is, okay we got done with one play. We got to try and get to the next."

The Lights will have a strong ground game again thanks in part to the return of the former CMR Rustler McKinley, who ranked 2nd in the Frontier in rushing yards. The biggest question is the Quarterback position, which is the most integral part of the no huddle.

"We're not going to name one until we get into the Fall," says Christensen. "It seems like every practice one guy does well and the other guy doesn't do as well. We're just going to keep working. I don't think you can evaluate those guys until they have a good grasp of the offense."

Whoever the new quarterback will be, he will help Christensen lead Northern into a new era of Football in Havre.

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