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Senior Standout: Michaela DeBoo

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"She's definitely one of our biggest leaders and I'm just glad she's on our team (laughs)," said Cowgirls senior Hannah Bowers.

Leadoff hitter and catcher. If that doesn't exemplify a leader on a softball field, I don't know what else does. But that's exactly what Michaela DeBoo is.

"She's our team leader in terms of getting us type of stuff off the field going and just an outstanding competitor," said head coach Mick Morris.

"She really gets us going on the offensive side of things and not just behind the plate and she talks a lot and just steps it up when we need it," said Cowgirls sophomore Tristan Achenbach.

But Michaela isn't who she is without her passion for the game or her work ethic.

"Every night after practice I go home and hit with my dad and I don't know I just have a lot of confidence. Sometimes I put too much pressure on myself so I just try and relax in big situations," said Cowgirls senior catcher Michaela DeBoo.

Michaela takes the game seriously. But she isn't always this intense. At least, outside the softball diamond.

"Everyone thinks she's very intimidating. Thats what I thought - i was scared to talk to her for the first few weeks and then as soon as you get to know her she's fun y and she's a weirdo," said Achenbach.

"She's really nice and you wouldn't take her as nice because she's so intimidating on the field but we get along really well," said Bowers.

Which helps if you win games. The Cowgirls made it to the state championship last year and lost. This year, Michaela and the team want to change that.

"Last year when we lost out, I was just chomping at the bit to be back in softball season because I want to be in the same situation - I want to win it this time," said DeBoo.

Well with Michaela leading the way on offense and defense, the Cowgirls are definitely a contender. I just might be up to their leader to win them that final game.

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