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Capital High's Powers Twins Taking Doubles Tennis to a New Level

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Being identical twins who also play doubles tennis together, Fiona and Bridget Powers are pretty used to getting mixed up.

"When people confuse you it can be funny," said Fiona. "People say 'Good shot Bridget!' I'm like 'Oh, I'm Fiona.'"

"They just call me Fiona and I'm the only one there," laughed Bridget. "I'm like oh whatever, it's not that big of a deal."

"It took me a while to get to know," joked Capital head tennis coach Scott Harris. "It's a lot easier with one being righty and the other being a lefty, but other than that they look very much alike."

Fiona and Bridget make up the number two girls doubles team for the Capital Bruins, because to them, why wouldn't they play doubles?

"We mostly only play doubles because there's two of us so it makes sense," said Bridget. "We'd always just play against our parents because we were at the same level."

"I don't really play singles that much," said Fiona. "We just play together normally against our parents. They think it's kind of cool and funny."

Outside of just confusing their opponents there are plenty of advantages to Fiona and Bridget playing together. Being sisters as well with teammates, means they know each other pretty well.

"Sometimes we don't always call the shots," said Bridget. "We just kind of know she's going to get it or I'm going to get it. If she gets a shot that like maybe I'm not the best at I lay off and let her take take that one."

"We're a lot of laughing," said Fiona. "Sometimes we're more vocal. That can kind of make people mad or angry sometimes."

But being identical does have it's downfalls. In a world of sports where people are constantly trying to rank things, twins can get picked apart for their differences. That's why doubles tennis is perfect for both of the Powers sisters.

"It's pretty exciting because we don't have to fight each other out," said Bridget. "There's a lot of judging like who's smarter, who's more athletic. So it's fun to just be like we're both number one."

Fiona and Bridget will always be tied together for being identical twins. But they're hoping that over their next four years at Capital they'll have a chance to be tied together as winners as well.

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