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Senior Standout: Jefferson's Janessa Williams

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Jefferson's Janessa Williams is one of the top jumpers and hurdlers in the state. And she's been told a time or two that she might have an advantage.

"I'm not fully sure," said Williams. "Okay my height. A lot of people say I have a huge advantage with that."

At 5 foot 11 Janessa is definitely one of the taller hurdlers and jumpers in the state. But it's in the pre-race that she wishes she was a bit smaller.

"Height does help a lot for hurdles," said Williams. "It's hard being tall in the blocks because it's a lot to get a tall person out compared to a short person."

"With hurdles I think it helps a ton to have longer legs like that," said Jefferson junior runner AJ Eckmann. "She's built really well to be a hurdler and a jumper. We all look up to her literally and figuratively."

Plenty of people are also looking up at Janessa in the standings, where she is in the Class B top 10 in triple jump, long jump, the 100 and the 300 meter hurdles. And balancing that kind of schedule can get tough.

"Triple jump is pretty hard on your legs so sometimes we'll have to alternate," said Williams. "And if I have too many meets then we'll have to hold back on triple jump."

"She's got to go check in at the long jump, then she's got to go run the hurdles, then she's got to go back to the long jump and jump," said Eckmann. "It's pretty hard, but she's able to do them all, and do them well."

Janessa is pretty used to doing well, and hopes to keep it up going into her biggest stage at state. But that's not the only stage you can see her on.

"I love acting," said Williams. "I think it's a lot of fun. That's another thing that I've kind of been doing a lot. I like being able to be a different person, and go out there and express yourself and have fun with other people."

Next year Janessa will take her gifts MSU-Billings to keep on hurdling and jumping as a part of the Yellowjackets track and field team.

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