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CMR Junior Runs Against Down Syndrome

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"I love track and field," said Weston Widhalm.

"His hard work is contagious. He's just fun and he lifts your spirits up when you need it and makes you smile and makes you work hard," said Rustlers sophomore Shelby Philipps.

What more could ask for out of a teammate? Out of a friend? Out of a person? Weston Widhalm may not be blessed with the same abilities some of his teammates or competitors, he was born with down syndrome. But that hasn't stopped him from being a key part of the Rustler track and field program.

"He's consistent. He doesn't miss practice. He likes coming to practice and likes to compete," said Rustlers head coach Mike Henneberg.

"You can just tell like in the way that he works that he wants to be out here and it's really fun to see him get better," said Philipps.

Weston's efforts are inspiring. His genetic disorder affects him physically. But his strength and passion come from his heart.

"I love running the race because I always want to get a a minute ten or one minute twenty. Last race I got a 1:27 but got a 1:41 in the trials," said Rustlers junior Weston Widhalm.

Well no matter his time, the 400 is his race, and everybody knows it.

"He doesn't have to be out here but he's willing to come out here and he loves it and he's always talking about the 400. And it's always cool and kind of encouraging. If he can come out here and run the 400 then anybody can do anything," said Rustlers senior Bryce Cuchine.

Weston's proved that. He might never finish first when judged by a clock. But that doesn't matter. He runs against down syndrome every day and he wins every time.

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