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Electric City Rugby a Big Hit for Great Falls

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"Even if you're losing you're still having fun out there. You get to hit people and run around."

"It's so much fun to play. I can't even describe how fun it is."

It's a different game that isn't quite as common here in the United States but here in Great Falls, the game of rugby is a big hit.

"Watching these kids kind of grow I think is the best part for us, especially for a sport that isn't as well known in the US. It's definitely grown in Montana though and they have a great time even though they don't have the best record."

Well the girls team record isn't bad. They're 5-3-1 on the season.

"We get better every game and our very first year was two years ago and we only won one game that year so we've come a long way to be second in the state so it's exciting."

It hasn't been as smooth for the boys team. They haven't won a game all season and part of their struggle is just getting enough players on the roster.

"It's tough when you don't have enough players to play. We usually borrow from other teams so that kind of stinks but the other teams are nice and they help us out and play with us so that's good."

Just being out there is good. One of the best things about the Electric City Rugby Club is that it unites kids from all over Great Falls.

"It's all just we're from Great Falls and representing Electric City Rugby Club and all of those borders just kind of melt away and it's just one big family."

That's been bonded by an uncommon sport. A sport that they call theirs and no matter the outcome is one that they enjoy.

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