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Senior Standout: Helena High's Erin Emanuel

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Helena High short stop Erin Emanuel usually blows people away with her hitting. But it's her vocal skills that are really impressive.

"I'm pretty much a rap god," joked Emanuel. "If you ever want to have a rap battle you just come to me to get put in the dust."

It's not only her vocals that leave people in the dust, but also her hitting. Erin is one of only a handful of players in the Western AA with a batting average above .400. But as we approach state, she's hoping to raise that average even higher.

"I just know that I can always do better than what I've been doing," said Emanuel. "I know that I have a good batting average, but I don't want to let that get to me."

"She's very strong, so she always hits it far," said Bengals senior outfielder Ashley Nash. "She's really aggressive at the plate. We're all, I'm confident in her if we have people on base."

But is it all attitude that leads to Erin's success on the field? She thinks it comes from her signature headband look.

"I don't really call it a headband," said Emanuel. "I kind of prefer 'Swag Band.' It kind of adds to my aroma, gives off good vibes. I just have never really played a game without it so I'm nervous to not play with it."

"When she puts that on it's game face," said Bengals senior outfielder Tylar Holland. "I've gotten the chance to wear one of her 'Swag Bands' last year. Maybe this year I'll get the chance too."

Erin will be sure to have her best "Swag Bands" ready to go this week, for when the Bengals host Sentinel this Thursday for their state play in game. And she's got some words for the Spartans.

"Sentinel's coming here repping their purple shirts," rapped Emanuel. "Trying to slide home, but we'll make them eat dirt. My name's Easy E and you can't hit past me. My girl Ashley is on deck after me. The Bengals are the best and we'll put y'all to rest."

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