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CMR Ace Chooses Student over Athlete for College

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When Quinn Hartman steps into the circle, she can make opposing lineups miserable.

The crafty south-paw has spent the last four years sitting down batters left and right for CMR. But her career as a rustler started long before she ever put on a green-and-gold uniform.

"The seven years before. I was going to every single game watching my cousins play," says Hartman. "And I was just ready to get into this program and do what I could do."

What she did was win the class AA state title as a Freshman, which is no surprise considering her softball lineage. Her older cousins, current assistant coach Kelsey Lowry and UGF outfielder Alex Lowry, were star players for CMR. It opened the door for Quinn to to get a head start as a Rustler.

"She's been around since she was a little girl," says CMR Head Coach Lindsey Gustafson. :She used to be my fielder. She would just be around when her cousins were playing. To just not have her around is going to be tough."

Quinn is one of the top pitchers in the state and was recruited by MSU-Billings, Carroll and UGF. She wants to major in engineering but there's no softball school that offers the program. So when high school is done she plans to hang up the cleats for the last time. It's a decision that has the softball community scratching their heads.

"They look at me like I'm crazy," says Hartman. "I'll go and watch Alex around the state for UGF and somebody will just come up to me and ask where I'm going. I tell them i'm just going to MSU and they realize they don't have a program yet."

But Quinn is choosing to give up the sport she loves in order to focus on something that's bigger than racking up strikeouts or adding a tally to the win column.

"I want to change people's lives," says Hartman."I want to do either bio engineering or mechanical engineering. With bio I would be able to make stuff like incubation tubes for premature babies. For mechanical, it's more like the prognostics for all the people that have lost limbs."

And her family, who's seen her grow up as both a student and an athlete, is 100% behind her.

"It just makes me so proud," says UGF Outfielder and Quinn's cousin Alex Lowry. "Yeah it's sad she's going to be done with softball but to know that she has a plan and has a dream and she wants to do something important later in life, it's awesome to see. She's looking a the bigger picture."

Of course, the current picture she's focusing on is helping CMR win another state title so that she finishes high school the same way she started it.

It's an ending that couldn't be more picture perfect.

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