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Bruins and Bengals Softball Prepare for State Tournament

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The Capital Bruins have never missed a state tournament in program history, and that didn't change this year as they enter as the three seed in the west, and will play defending state champs Billings West in round one. The Bruins finished off their regular season against West, and lost in a 10-0 contest, but during that game Capital didn't play their usual starters. So how much are they taking that loss into consideration?

"We take any loss into consideration," said Bruins senior pitcher Brittany Smith. "You take any game into consideration. You learn their batters, their fielding, their pitching, you get used to it. I think it helped us that we played them."

"I definitely do realize that we weren't showing them our starting nine," said Bruins senior outfielder Sydney Ladas. "But I think that loss was kind of a bummer for all of us, so it'd be good to get some revenge if we could pull it off."

The Helena Bengals are back at the state tournament for the first time since 2009, and they don't plan to settle with just being there. The Bengals come in as the four seed from the west, and they know that they will have to pull of a major upset in order to advance past the first round. But after beating Sentinel by a combined 18-0 in their two playoff games last week, Helena feels momentum is on their side.

"Going to the state tournament as a four seed doesn't really mean much to us once we get there, because we're going to go there and play like it's any other game," said Bengals senior short stop Erin Emmanuel. "It's just like the game that means the most to us, so we're going to go over there and play how we always do."

"To play our best we stay super casual, but focused, and always have fun," said Bengals senior outfielder Ashley Nash. "Because whenever we're up tight we don't play very well. So we just have to stay casual, and have fun."

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