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Senior Standout: Nolan Donisthorpe

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Football, basketball, and track and field. Nolan Donisthorpe of Great Falls Central Catholic excelled at them all and it's because of his work ethic.

"It's kind of a passion. I just love to workout and do it twice a day even three times sometimes and it's just something I love to do," said Nolan Donisthorpe.

"He's training year-round to get it done so when he shows up it's good to see the results are paying for him and it's what he expected."

But it's not something his coach did. At least until he put Nolan on the field.

"I remember when he was just a freshman I was a little reluctant to start him on the varsity football team but I was out of options and he just demonstrated his abilities right there. From that moment he said I want to be able to play football and help my team out," said Greg Horton.

And by helping his team, he's helped himself. Nolan was recruited to play football at Montana Western next season.

"Pretty excited. It's going to be a new experience and I'm just ready for a new challenge in my life," said Donisthorpe.

For how much time Nolan spends in athletics and training, he still makes time for having some fun.

"He was pretty quiet at first but now he tries to crack jokes all the time and sometimes they're funny and sometimes they're not but he's pretty outgoing and pretty well liked, said Horton.

"We started Team Donny for Nolan obviously because he says some goofy stuff so wanted to put it on Twitter to give him a hard time but he's a good egg so we like to give him a hard time," said Reid Nelson.

Which is something Nolan is used to. He's put himself through countless hard times. And because of it, he's earned success.

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