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Senators Bats Impressive as Conference Season Looms

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The Helena Senators are spending this weekend wrapping up the first half of their season before their conference season starts, and many would say the young Sens have exceeded expectations. Helena boasts an impressive 13-6 record, and has averaged almost seven runs per game. The Sens came into the season expecting to rely on their speed defensively as well as their pitching to make up for a lack of power, but combining that speed with their bats has been a deadly combination for the senators.

"With the batting it has come in substantially," said Senators senior pitcher Riley Pickens. "We're taking extra bases that we normally don't do. We're being really, really aggressive out on the base pass."

"It's all about approach to us," said Senators senior outfielder Nick Wrigg. "We always come with an approach. We come to the plate with an idea of what we're going to do. It's not that we're not looking to take big swings, and take big cuts, and get big hits, we just take our approach and hit the ball where it's supposed to be hit."

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