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Semper Fi Fund Steel Challenge Hoping to Raise Tons for Veterans

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The Semper Fi Fund is a foundation set up to assist all veterans who may need some extra help outside of the VA. Which is why this Saturday's Steel Challenge will donate it's proceeds to the fund.

"As simple as a handicap ramp at a veteran's house," said Semper Fi Fund volunteer Vaughn Ticknor. "He needs a ramp to be able to access his home, because before he was wounded his house wasn't build to accept someone in a wheelchair or prosthetics."

The Steel Challenge will feature 5 different shooting stages, where shooters will be signaled, and then need to hit each target as fast as they can. Winners will receive prizes donated to the fund, but thanks to some raffles, it's not just the shooters that can take home some gear.

"Springfield, GLOCK, we have a couple Ruger firearms, but one of the best ones is the one that we got from Henry Rifles," said Steel Challenge director Rick Davis. "It's a particular military edition 22 long rifle with lever action. So somebody is going to get a very nice rifle."

Last year the Challenge raised $4700 for the Semper Fi Fund, and this year hopes to over double that amount.

"We need to support these men and women that have served," said Ticknor. "They've gone and done their duty, now it's our duty to stand up and make sure that they are recognized, and never forgotten."

Now all the money raised this weekend is the real reason people come out, but the shooting is a fun way to raise it! I've never shot a gun before, so the good folks at High Ore Range decided to show me a thing or two. But safety first, as they walk me through the basics.

"What you want to do is keep your finger out of the trigger well always," said Davis. "That's the number one rule in safe gun handling. We want to get this a little more squared in your grip."

After a few dry runs, it was time for me to shoot live bullets.

I sped things up here. Targets one through four were easy. But for the life of me, I couldn't hit number 5!

"That was 32.53 seconds," said Davis.

"Okay, where does that rank for a first timer?" I asked.

"Probably dead last," laughed Davis.

Let's see how round 2 went.

Much better.

"That was 18.43 seconds," said Davis. "So you cut your time in half."

Now lets see how a pro does it.

"4.63 seconds," said Davis.

So while I may need a little extra practice, particularly on this ten inch target, the guys shooting Saturday won't. If you want to come on out you can always donate day of. The range is about three miles south of Boulder.

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