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Former CMR Guard Battlin' to Return to Court

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Brandy Kumm's first year at Rocky Mountain College was over before it started.

The former CMR Rustler transferred to Rocky after playing two years at MSU-Billings. But before she could put on her brand new Battlin' Bears uniform, she suffered the biggest injury of her career.

"We were doing a half-court defensive drill," says Rocky Mountain guard Brandy Kumm. "And I must have came down on someone foot or something. I rolled it and I ended up walking off the court and it wasn't like any other rolled ankle that I've experienced before."

The next day they took X-Rays where it was discovered she had an extra bone in her left foot called accessory navicular. It prevented her ankle from healing on it's own, which means she had to have season-ending surgery.

Instead of battlin' with the bears, she would spend her first year battlin' rehab.

"It was hard just having to sit out all the time," says Kumm. "and not being able to play, not even being able to practice was difficult."

Nearly eight months later he's 100% healed and has two years of eligibility remaining. That's two years she has to put into practice the lessons she learned during her recovery. The first, was learning the new system.

"It was nice that I got to see how Coach Keller ran things," says Kumm. "And I got a feel for the program which is nice so I can step in there and be able to go right away."

The second is a lesson that all athletes could use: to cherish the playing time while it's still here.

"I became a lot more appreciate of what I did have," says Kumm. "I kind of took it for granted, being able to play and stuff. But definitely not taking anything for granted and appreciate what my teammates did for me and stuff."

Back in high school, Brandy turned down the first opportunity she had to play for Rocky. It may have taken three years and an ankle injury, but Brandy will finally have the chance to put on the uniform.

And now that she's healthy, she can finally put her best foot forward.

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