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Group of Elementary School 'Milers' Prepare for Governor's Cup

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For the past 14 years at Margaret Leary Elementary school in Butte, kids have been learning science, english, history, and among other things, how to get a good run in.

"Every Monday and Thursday of April and May we run," said Margaret Leary second grade teacher and program leader Cara Whitlock. "We run for two miles to build up their endurance and their strength."

The students call themselves the Margaret Leary Milers, and they run those two miles on a designed course around the school. But they're not just staying in shape, these kids are training for the Governors Cup!

"I'm really excited," said Margaret Leary fourth grader Tanner Bair. "I did it last year. I took 739th out of 1300."

"It's really fun to get exercise and not stay at home and do nothing," said Margaret Leary fourth grader Grace Gransberry "So it's just fun to get out and run."

The Milers have about 50 kids in the program, and usually take about 30 of them to run the 5K. And they say whether it's training or running the race itself, having friends there makes a big difference.

"It makes it way better," said Bair. "You can stay fit doing it, and you just have a ton of fun doing it!"

"There are some that get done, and they go back out there," said Whitlock. "They help them come in, they root them on. They help them run, and then walk, and then they find someone and they want to beat them. So it is so important to them to have that group."

And while the kids are having a good time running, Cara and her staff keep track of how far each kid has run this year. As of now the Milers are set to go over 800 miles collectively by the finish of the Governors Cup.

"It's really impressive for us to run that much," said Gransberry. "I didn't even know we ran that much!"

"They didn't understand how much they were running," said Whitlock. "So for them to see how many miles individually that they've done, and as a group that they've done, I think it helps with setting a goal, and just to make the progress."

This weekend roughly 5000 runners will be taking on the 5K at the Governors Cup in Helena, and while all have trained hard, none of them may be closer than the 30 students from Margaret Leary Elementary.

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