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Crime in Rural Areas

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GREAT FALLS -  With Sunday's murder suicide in rural Deer Lodge County, some are wondering if tragic crimes like this are more likely to occur in off-the-grid locations, because it can take longer for first responders to get there.

But the cascade county sheriff's department says this actually isn't the case, and there are no obvious red flags in someone's behavior to predict if a crime will occur.

Incidents can happen anywhere, and law enforcement officers are likely to respond in the same ways, even if that means a crime has been committed on the opposite side of the county.

'There are always tragic incidents and we certainly would like to stop them all from happening, but nobody's got the crystal ball," says Captain Raymond Hitchcock at the Cascade County Sheriff's Department.

But when an incident does occur outside city limits, Cascade County departments across the board work together to ensure a quick response time and efficient action.

And this coordination is also important when considering that in at least one case, Captain Hitchcock responded to a situation on the opposite side of the county and it took nearly an hour to get there.

Now while Captain Hitchcock says it's difficult to determine if someone is going to commit a crime, the best course of action is always to call law enforcement officials and get help as soon as possible.

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