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Five-Year-Old Trick Rider Trains with World Champion

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Five-Year-Old Piper Yule can ride a horse in a way that most adults can't.

Her ability to dazzle an audience with her graceful performances has become second nature. Especially when she does her favorite trick, which is to:

"Hang off the side of your horse," says Piper Yule.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that she's comfortable hanging halfway off of the saddle. After all, she is the 2014 Canadian Pee Wee Champion. It's an accomplishment that her coach Rae-Lynn Armstrong is proud of.

"It was very satisfying," says Armstrong. "It was very exciting. To see that kind of accomplishment and achievement. Because we put a lot of time and work."

Piper couldn't have found a better rider to learn from. Rae-Lynn is a former World Champion who's been riding since she was about Piper's age.

"Horses have been a big part of our life," says Armstrong. And with the good horses that we were mounted, it created a great bond and it allowed me to have enough trust to start trick riding. And that started at about the age of five."

Perhaps the only thing bigger than Rae-Lynn's passion for riding is her devotion to teaching this unconventional team sport. And now she's passing on all of her knowledge to Piper, which can be difficult at times considering she's not even in Kindergarten yet.

"It's challenging but it's been a lot of fun," says Armstrong. "You gotta make it fun. They're at a total different end of the spectrum scale and you have to put yourself in a five-year-old's shoes. They're strength, they're attention span. You have to make it fun for them."

And it's through Piper that Rae-Lynn has re-discovered what it's like to be that little girl that fell in love with trick riding all those years ago.

"That's why it's so much fun that I'm doing it today. You forget that child in you," says Armstrong. "And when you see them go out there and do it, it brings back memories."

That's the 'trick' that makes this relationship such a success. Both the teacher and the student are learning from one another. 

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