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Senators Pappas Twins Causing Headaches for Opposition

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"The first baseman, number six, Payton Pappas."

"The catcher, number five, Carter Pappas."

Baseball is game where all nine players on the field need to be in sync. That's not much of a problem for Payton and Carter Pappas.

"We've played together since we were little, and we know what each other is doing," said Payton. "So it's definitely an advantage."

"It's pretty fun because we know what each other are going to do," said Carter. "We can read each other's mind kind of."

The Pappas brothers are identical twins, which can cause some confusion in the clubhouse as far as who's who. But they don't think it's that hard to tell.

"Our hair is different," said Carter. "I have longer hair than him right now."

"I actually used to have the longer hair," said Payton. "But we switch it up on people, and like to play tricks."

Well I'm no hair expert, but I can't see any difference. So I guess I'll just tell them apart the way their coach does: by seeing which side of the plate they step up to! Payton is a leftie, while Carter is a righty, which makes things a bit easier.

"The only way I know who I'm talking to is when they have a uniform on, or a bat in their hand, or a glove on their hand," said Senators head coach Dave Thennis. "Tough to tell those two apart, but they're both good players."

"It definitely throws people off," said Payton. "Some people say 'I thought this guy was pitching last game!' No it's pretty cool."

Payton and Carter have really never played apart in their lives. And though they're only sophomores now, they hope that doesn't change after high school.

"That's always our main goal to play make it to college baseball," said Carter. "We'll just see where it takes us!"

"That could certainly happen," said Thennis. "It's a long ways off. What we want them to do is come to the ballpark each day, get a little bit better, take care of business one day at a time, and they'll develop into good players."

The Senators already feel that Payton and Carter are good players, now it's on them to use their sibling chemistry and become great players.

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