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MLB Youth Baseball Taking off in Year One

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The acronym MLB has a new meaning in Helena nowadays. Of course it stands for Major League Baseball, but for members of the newly formed MLB, it stands for Montana League Baseball.

"You play against some of the best kids in the state of Montana right here," said MLB founder and Black Dogs head coach Lyn Zeadow. "When we play some of the best teams in the state of Montana our kids, they thrive! They play so much better."

Right now there are six teams in the league two in Butte, two in Bozeman, one in Great Falls, and of course the Helena Black Dogs. And the kids say they are enjoying the new league.  

"You see the kid in your position, and you just want to be better than him," said Black Dogs first baseman Tyler Bloom. "And it just makes you want to go farther and do better."

"Some of our power hitters this year used to be just hitter last year," said Black Dogs Devon Zeadow. "They're really connecting and getting that ball out there."

But it's not just kids in Montana they're playing against. They regularly travel to Idaho and Washington for weekend tournaments which exposes the kids to different competition. 

"To go and let these kids go play against the caliber of kids that are in Spokane is just absolutely phenomenal," said Lyn. "Even in Idaho their coach had signs to tell their kid where to hit the ball, and the kid hit the ball where he was told."

But at the end of the day, like so many of the other youth leagues, the MLB is mostly about the kids making friends.

"It's a great time to spend with them," said Bloom. "Baseball is crazily fun. And the hotels, that's where it gets a little wild."

"You have the car drives, which are really boring but sometimes fun, hotels are fun, and then baseball is just, you get really close," said Devon. 

At an age where baseball development is important, the MLB has found a way to combine high levels of competition, with high levels of fun.

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