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Growing Sport "FootGolf" Combines Best of Soccer and Golf

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You use your feet, but it's not exactly soccer.

There's a tee box and a hole, but it's not exactly golf.

This growing hybrid sport is called "FootGolf."

"It is a complete combination of golf and soccer," says Anaconda Hills GC Golf Superintendent Wade Altschwager. There's aspects where golf is predominant, there's aspects where soccer is predominant. So it's a real half-and-half mix of golf and soccer."

The next question would be, how would a golfer and soccer player adjust to this half-and-half mix. Cody Babinecz plans to play golf at UGF while CMR's Ryan Van Pevenage will play soccer at Carroll. And both had to make some adjustments in trying to get on par with FootGolf.

"You kind of slow down and think about each kick," says Van Pevenage. "rather than soccer, you don't really think about it. It just kind of happens."

"I'm not used to the whole hitting with the foot," says Babinecz. "It's a little bit easier with a golf club for me. It's definitely a soccer kind of sport rather than golf."

FootGolf mostly follows the rules and etiquette of golf. There's 18 holes with different par numbers. But instead of swinging with a golf club, a regulation size soccer ball is kicked around the course. The goal is to get the ball into a hole that's specifically sized for soccer balls.

"It's not real hard. It plays pretty fast," says Altschwager. "there's just a lot of plusses to it that different people can enjoy. And you don't have to be a soccer player to enjoy it."

"I'd say definitely go out and try it," says Van Pevenage. It's kind of fun and trying to see a different stand point of it all and something different instead of just playing all the time. It's a different way to be on the ball and be around the sport."

FootGolf is not exactly soccer or golf. But it's still a sport where anyone can step into the box and take their best shot.

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