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Kids Learning Mountain Biking Basics in Helena

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For riders of Big Sky's Cycling's mountain biking 201 class, the harder the ride, the more fun they have!

"It's challenging, and I think challenging is fun," said rider Hallie Marks. "There's lots of rocks, and I think that's fun too."

Big Sky Cycling holds two classes each summer for kids ages 8-13. They start in the mountain biking 101 class, and after a few weeks off are able to take part in the more challenging 201 course.

"We like to teach them skills so that they can keep mountain biking safely while having fun," said Big Sky Cycling owner Jim Barnes. "The other thing we really want them to take away is some good trail etiquette."

"It's kind of harder," said Hallie. "It's harder and more challenging than 101."

"We get to bike around Helena, the Helena trails, which are really fun," said rider AJ Pomerleau. "They're awesome."

While the young bikers are having a good time just learning the basics, Jim and his assistants make sure that they not only learn the right way, but the safe way.

"It's kind of smarter to be safe, and know how to do it better," said Hallie. "So it's kind of safer if you go to the class since they teach you better."

"When you go down you need to lean back on the seat," said Pomerleau. "And you have to how to do that if you want to be safe."

But honestly, there's one big reason that these kids are so interested in the 201 class.

"It's just riding in the mountains," said Tanner Marks. "That's why it's fun!"

If you want to find out more about the kids programs you can head over to Big Sky Cycling for more details.

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