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U-12 Softball Team Headed to Nationals

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They got the cheers. NAT. They got the chemistry. NAT And they definitely got the game. NAT After being crowned best in the state, the Electric City Heat now want to be best in the nation.

"I think it'd be pretty cool to say a Montana team won the national tournament. I'm very excited. It's going to be very cool to see all of Oregon and different competition," said Kiely Gunderson.

"I think the kids are very excited. they've been there before but they didn't know what to expect the first time so the second time we did pretty well. We were 13th out of 64 teams the last time and it took them a couple of days to get the speed of it because it's a different speed at the national level," said Travis Palmer, Heat head coach.

At 44-3, the Heat have been playing up to speed themselves. The pitching and defense have been solid but you ask anyone on the team, it's their bats that set them apart.

"Yes, that is better than fielding. We really like to hit the ball and when we hit it, we hit it hard," said Morgan Sunchild.

"We got two really good pitchers and a third pitcher too that can throw but our bats are our strength. We're big hitters, we have really big bats and we've always had that since they were 8 years old - we've swung a big bat," said Palmer.

But can they hit the ultimate home run? Can they swing themselves to a national title? Coach Palmer seems to think his girls have a chance.

"I expect them to do well. I really do. If they play to their potential and their game I believe that they'll succeed and I have no doubt in their abilities and trust them to do actually very well," said Coach Palmer.

They have no reason to think they can't. Their winning percentage this year is almost 94 percent. And as the only team representing Montana at the tournament, they'd like to leave as the only national champion.

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