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Chargers A Celebrate Runs with Handshake Routines

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When Chris Lee Crosses the plate, it's time to bust out the lightsabers. The Chargers tribute to Star Wars is only the tip of the death star sized iceberg when it comes to run scoring celebrations. 

The team has a routine: Every time a run is scored, it's time to celebrate with a secret handshake.

"I think that I kind of, one day at a Canada game, I just tried to make handshakes with everybody and everyone tried to make handshakes with each other," says Outfielder Jordan Smith. "I think Keelan and I had the first handshake and then Timmy and Chris just kind of came along with the lightsabers."

"When we started scoring runs, they started doing a whole bunch of other things from Star Wars to other handshakes that take forever," says head coach Ed McNamee. "and we try to develop them too."

No two handshakes are the same because each player has one that's meant for a specific teammate. While Chris has his hand cut off, Keelan and Jordan have a different ending.

"It just lets us have fun," says outfielder Keelan Hayworth. "Each one of us has each one with each other. So when someone does good, we can do our handshake with each other."

"I just try to make it as weird as possible." says Smith. "Because Weird is always good for me. I just thought of me and Keelan high fiving a bunch of times and we just went over the shoulder and we both kind of thought of it. "

The Chargers are hoping to celebrate a lot of runs at the Class A District tournament. They'll need to finish in the top two in order to punch their ticket to State.

"We have a great shot to win it," says Hayworth. "we beat pretty much every team in our conference."

"I like where we're at right now. We came off two pretty tough losses to Medicine Hat to conclude the regular season, "says McNamee. "but we're going to open with them and I think with a feeder team like ours, coming out of Medicine Hat, our chances are better than usual."

Those chances only improve every time there's a lightsaber battle at home plate. 

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